Twitch, Streaming made easy:
Now with help from an Everything store.

Twitch is a live video streaming platform used mostly to
stream video games.  Since its launched in 2011, over 2 million people have broadcasted onto the platform, with 15 million active users.
From humble Beginnings was created in 2006 by Justin Kan, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt and Emett Shear. It was originally Justian Kan live streaming his life 24/7 through a webcam attached to his baseball cap and a laptop/backpack system designed by Kyle Vogt.

By April of 2008, had over 30000 different broadcasting accounts and nine different categories for people to stream to; featured, people and lifecasting, sports, music and radio, gaming, news and tech, animals, entertainment, divas and dudes. homepage's first homepage

Rise of Twitch;
100 Million current views

In 2011, rebranded and rereleased as Twitch Interactive. The site now focused primarily on the video game live streaming, including esports, as the main content, with “real life” streaming not being brought back until March of 2017.

After Effects


By 2017, US$75 million has been raised for charity organizations: Extra Life (Children's Miracle Network), Saint Jude and multiple different disaster relief funds have had money raised to help millions of people in need.


Different social experiments and unique interactions have been done on Twitch.


Through different streams, communities have formed, both from the games they play and the streamers themselves.

Amazon; The Everything Store

Acquisition by Amazon and after effect.

In August 2014, Twitch Interactive was bought by for $970 million, allowing for viewers to gain special Prime perks by linking their accounts. Since being acquired, Twitch has added many new features for both streamers and viewers to give more to each other; cheers as a was to tip streamers, and free content in certain games for being a Prime member.