Snapchat History

Snapchat is a mobile photo messaging and multimedia sharing app. Snapchat filters rotate, which means you never know what will be available when you open the app on any given day.


In 2008 Evan Spiegal met Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy while attending Stanford University.

In 2011 soon before graduation, Reggie had an idea... he said, "I wish these photos I am sending this girl would disappear."

A few months later, Snapchat was born. It only had 127 users.

Late 2011 Reggie and Evan got into an argument over the order of names on the technology patent and the equity splits. Reggie also wanted 30% of the profits. The other two disagreed and kicked him out of the group.

Evan and Bobby then made Snapchat their own, it had 100,000 users by 2012.

By the end of 2012, Snapchat introduced video snaps.

By the end of 2013 Snapchat had 150 million snaps per day.

By Fall 2013, Snapchat stories launched and is now worth two billion dollars.

By December 2013, new filters, timestamps, temperature, speed overlays, and replay options launched. Snapchat reaches 4.6 million users.

June 2014, Snapchat launched Our Story, which is a story that can be shared to a single event based story so everyone in your area or event can see your snap, whether you follow them or not.

In July, geo filters were released, images that show your location. Snapchat is now worth 10 billion dollars.

November 2014, through a deal with square cash, Snapchat adds the ability to send and receive money from friends.

By January 2015, Snapchat launched discover, a channel guide of different brand advertisements (such as networks, magazines, and TV). Also snaptag launched where you take a picture of someones username tag on their phone and it automatically adds them on your Snapchat.

By July, you now have snap memories where you see your old stories.

By 2017, Snapchat now has 3-D features, such as augmented reality.

Snapchat launched location sharing features that show your friends your exact location.

Today, Snapchat is worth 20 billion dollars with the average person checking it 18 times a day. It also keeps up with new features and updates.

The color yellow was chosen because it was meant to stand out. Yellow with a ghost symbol was put together so people were curious as to what the app is. The ghost logo was created by Evan Spiegal. He said it symbolizes the impermanent nature of pictures being taken than disappearing just like a ghost, they come than quickly disappear.

Hidden Features

They're many hidden features that some people may not know about. They include...

Decorating your snaps with emojis
Using multiple filters in one snap
Adding face effects to other people
Making your emojis interactive
Use elements of augmented reality and
Bring back old filters.

Most Popular Filters

Take your perfect selfie with these filters.

Dog Face

The puppy filter does a few distinct things to your face beyond just slapping ears, nose, and a giant, just slightly erotic, animated tongue on it: It smooths your skin, widens your eyes, and visibly thins your face.

Floral Crown

Skin becomes a lot smoother, the face more flushed with a rosy tint, and the jaw is visibly thinner. This lens also remains on the app because of its popularity.

Animal Ears

This filter makes your skin smoother, and gives you a flushed look while contouring your face to give it a thinner look. It also makes your eyes bigger along with animal ears and other features to make you look adorable.

Face Distortion

Transform your face into that of a horrifying monster or make it look like you’re vomiting rainbows. Lenses are a bit similar to apps like Zombiebooth and Face Swap, which apply special effects over an image to distort your appearance.