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Pinterest Slang:


An image added to Pinterest


Sharing a pin with the user's followers


A set of pins usually organized by themes

Pin it button

Grabs an image from a website and adds it to one of your "pinboards"

All about Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is where people discover new ideas and find inspiration to do the things they love! 

Pins are ideas that help you get creative or try something new, whether you’re planning a camping trip or collecting home improvement hacks. 

Pins are saved to boards, keeping your ideas organized and easy to find. Follow other people or boards that are saving ideas you’re interested in, so you can do even more of what you love.


What are Pins?

Pins are ideas people find and save from around the web.

 Each Pin links back to the website it was saved from. If you click through the Pin you can learn more about it—like how to make it or where to buy it.

The Save button

The Save button does exactly that—it saves your ideas and Pins! 

As you discover Pins you’re interested in, save them to your boards by clicking on the red Save button.

Bring your ideas to Life

When you see a Pin that you’ve always wanted to try, do it! And share how it went by adding a photo or note.

Send Pins to other People

It’s easy to share ideas with other people. By sending Pins to your friends, you can turn a camping trip into a camping party!



Save Pins to boards to easily organize your ideas.

The Pins you save live in the boards you create. Name your boards whatever you want and arrange them in any order you like. Oh! Did we mention that you can add other people to your boards? Friends who save Pins together, stay together!

Board Sections

Sections are boards within boards and they make your ideas even easier to find and organize. If you have a furniture board imagine creating sections that organize your ideas to different color, size, or occasion—there are no rules, so get inspired to create!

Following and you Home Feed

Home Feed

Your home feed shows the Pins saved by the people, topics and boards you choose to follow. We also sometimes show you Pins inspired by your boards or recent activity to help you find ideas you might like.

Your home feed is your space. Build it as you like by following anyone who’s saving ideas you love or would like to try. More on following below!


Follow topics, people and boards you’re passionate about to personalize your home feed.

When you follow something, their Pins make up the majority of your home feed so be sure to follow what you love or people who inspire you.

Discovering Things

Find what you Love and Explore Ideas you Might Like

Ideas from all over the web are saved to Pinterest and they’re waiting to be discovered!

Explore new ideas by searching for Pins, people, or boards. We’ll guide your search by showing different keywords to add to your search, making discovering ideas easy to do.

You can also point your camera and take a photo of anything, from cars to art, for a visual search, and we’ll show you different ideas related to the image–giving you endless possibilities!

 To find even more of what you love, check out your home feed to see what the people you’re following are saving.

Your Profile

From the boards you create to everything you’re following, your profile is who you are and the ideas you love.

In your profile, you can find all the Pins you save, boards you create and Pins you try. You can also find who’s following you and everyone you’re following, including boards and topics. Anyone can see your profile, but your secret boards will stay hidden.  

When you create an account we’ll make a username for you, but personalize your profile by updating your username, adding a photo and creating a bio.

Thats it!

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